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Cap it off!

Have you noticed how hats are all the rage now?  Cowboy, fedora, visor, you name it and we have it!  Hat Attacks line has never looked better.  As you may know, we have had it since we opened 5 years ago and the line keeps getting better!  For the Summer we just got in the best fedora’s with turquoise ribbon (pictured below $74) or cowboy hats trimmed with gold leather (pictured below $79) or turquoise beads, so beach chic!

Put these hats on with a bathing suit and cute cover up or some jeans and a cute tank and you are all set!  So great without even trying– Loves it!

Lauren and Robin Xx

Memorial Day Weekend is HERE!!!!

Can you believe it?!  It’s already here!  Robin and I are getting the store ready and taking in any last deliveries so we have our store filled with everything you can imagine!  We don’t think the store has ever looked better and so far our reviews are great!  There’s so much to choose from–  something for everyone that’s for sure!  We have a sequin Tory Burch skirt in that will be great for the holiday to colorful strapless dresses from Tibi and Milly, and of course we have your favorite tanks from Saint Grace and Three Dots!  Don’t forget to check out our hats from Hat Attack, they will be so great on the beach to shield the sun and look chic at the same time!

We will be open every day now!  Our hours for the weekend will be Friday through Sunday 10-10 and Monday 10-7.

We can’t wait to see you and see how the year was for our favorite Closet girls!!!

Lauren and Robin Xx

Calla Lily Pretty is a MUST HAVE!

We are coming up to June already, can you believe it!?  Well nothing speaks more June than the watercolor floral styles Tibi came out with and you will scream Summer when you wear these styles!

The Calla Lily Dress is amazing on and a definite must have!  We had this dress in a floral oragami print just a month ago and it flew out of our store.  Now is your chance to scoop it up again except in a pretty, soft, and colorful print you will have to have.  It is the perfect Summer wedding dress that you know you will be the best of the ball although without upstaging the bride! Not only does it come in a dress, but we also have a top if you don’t have that “special occasion” to go to!  The top is really cool because it is draped on both sides so you will see the bare of your back.  Don’t wait!  You have to get these while you can as we only have limited sizes left!  (See Shop section on our site or call the store, 609.368.7400)

Lauren and Robin Xx