Walkin on Sunshine

It’s Saturday night and I am writing this for you guys for Sunday a.m.– are you guys sick of me talking about clothes or what?!  Well, I am sure all of you are out and about as I am sitting here listening to everyone walking to the Princeton, the Whitebriar, or the Chair (yes this is an early night, I have Robin’s baby shower tomorrow a.m. and cannot be tired in any way, shape, or form! but it would be an early night any way for those of you that know me get it).  So, I’ll give you a little look inside my life.  Tonight, it was just the  5 girls (Bo, Nacole, Robin, Poppy, and I) at the Windrift having a great dinner and about to call it a night, when Poppy (my 3 year old niece) is pulling, literally pulling, Nacole to the bar because all she can hear is live music– she wants to dance!  Leave it to the 3 year old to pack the dance floor– all they had to do was play “Walkin on Sunshine”, a favorite of both of my sister’s when we were little, and all of us were on the dance floor along with half of the bar!  Poppy was a star and a natural at that!  Hope you are all having fun tonight and I will see some of you tomorrow for baby boo boo’s celebration!

Lauren and Robin Xx

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