Boyfriend and Chino– do they go together?!

What do you think about the “boyfriend style/chino” look??  I have to say, I really wasn’t into it because I thought then when you wore something that was too big on you, it would tend to make you look more “pleasant (wink wink)” than what you really are, right?!  Well, this year my opinion is the opposite!  For some reason, Robin and I are into this look more than ever!  We just got in the J Brand chino’s and they are AMAZING!  Even guys are complimenting me without me even asking what they thought!  Is the color?  The style?  Who knows!  But whatever it is, you definitely have to try it out!

We got in the Army green chino which is huge for the Summer.  So far, I’ve worn them with a bright Autumn Cashmere sweater, tank, and a pair of flip flops which was perfect for a Saturday look.  Last night, I went to dinner and put them with a t-shirt and my favorite Tory Burch cardi and it seemed to look “cool but effortless”!  (FYI– These words are not just my opinion too, I have a few people telling me this so I’m not just making this up).  You need to try it.  Sometimes you want to look cool without having those tight jean leggings on, but honestly, no one will take either style away from me–  I’m set for the summer, now we just have to get YOU in them!

Lauren and Robin Xx

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